Sunday, January 04, 2009


The year 2008 has ended and a new, even better, year has begun. So around New Years Eve I was trying to come up with some great way to bring in the New Year! And after some thinking I finally came up with the perfect idea. I'll get the flu!!! Oh wasn't my idea...that just happened on its own.

On New Years Eve I got the flu. I had to call off work for the next two days. I worked at South Philly Steaks and Fries for 1.5 years and then over this break and these were the first two days I ever called off. It was completely necessary too, I didn't check my temperature until I had been resting all day on Thursday, and at that point my fever was 102 degrees. So it was pretty bad. I pretty much lay in bed or on the couch without moving. Sometimes my phone would ring and i would just stare at it for several minutes before picking it up to see who had texted me.

But now, 4th day into the year, all I have is a cold. I told my family that I'm just hoping that my body decided to get all my sickness out at the beginning of the year so I don't have to bother later on. :-)

Lets have a Great Year!


Tim said...

I've had a scratchy throat since Saturday. I'm hoping I get over it soon.

herstraw - through which she drank hersoda

gabrielle said...

get wellllll :)