Monday, December 29, 2008


So last night I was feeling really productive and I decided to get lots of things done. I'm kind of getting into a "i'm going to school soon and thus need to get everything done" type of mood.

So I went online and found all the books I was going to need for my classes. I then went and found the cheapest site to buy them from and I bought all of my books. They will be shipped to my house around January 2nd.

I then went on the Kappa Delta magazine fundraiser site and bought the TV guide renewal for my mom and a wedding planner magazine for Rose and I. (Not because either of us are getting married, but because we are considering wedding planning as a career.) That fulfilled my requirement for the amount of money I needed to raise. I then began to fill out my application to be a SET leader in Kappa Delta, that is someone who helps to run and organize all new member activities for the incoming pledge class. I need to turn in the application by January 5th, I only have to answer 2 more questions and then I can send that in.

I sent some emails to the people in charge of different events for the Hospitality Association at MSU and in the emails I offered my time as a volunteer to each of the events. As I was sending emails I also went through and deleted a lot that were no longer necessary for me to keep. Yay for organization!

I also went and did laundry, we had a pile that was about as tall as me all of dirty laundry in the I did my part...and I still am, doing lots of laundry. In two weeks I'll be leaving and i'll need to take all my laundry with me, preferably clean.

Today I made a haircut appointment!!! YAY!!! I love getting my haircut, I'm thinking about getting lots of layers and a sweeping bang. I'm not sure though, but my haircut is at 4 so we'll see!

Today wasn't all that exciting, I took mom to work, the little girlies and I went out to lunch and then Leah and I took Steph to the orthodontist and I read New Moon while we waited.

I don't know if anyone is interested in all of this haha. But I felt good about getting so much done and I wanted to tell someone about it!


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Tim said...

Seriously, good for you.

Sadly, I've been feeling about the opposite lately. And not for any good reason. Which is sad, because classes have already started!

taise - don't 'taise' me, bro!