Sunday, December 28, 2008

Semester One Finished

Semester One of my college career is officially over. Everyone has left for Christmas Break, finals were taken, books were sold, and now the grades are in. (Though I've known my grades for a few weeks so this post is a little late in coming)

But now I will give y'all a run down.

I took 5 classes, (as you may or may not recall),

BUS 101: My business seminar that was required through the Broad Freshman Program. This class was once a week for one hour totaling one credit. My class was very easy, we mostly had speakers come in and talk to us. The class was a total of 100 points with no final.

Final Grade: 4.0

FRN 201: My second level French class, which I took for my own amusement and my love of the language :-) though now I am planning on using this as part of an international specialization, which will add one more thing to separate myself from others on my resume. This class met 4 times a week for an hour, totaling as a 4 credit class. In this class we took 5 tests, the lowest score was dropped, we had a paper, an oral presentation, and a final. Participation also counted in this class. I think that participation is the only thing that kept me from receiving a 4.0. But honestly I am barely good at English in the morning, let alone French!

Final Grade: 3.5

STT 201: My Statistics class...the only math class I will have to take in college! This class met 4 times a week for an hour and 3 of the days and 2 hours on 1 day, totaling as a 4 credit class. We took 3 exams and a final, plus we had a lab every week that we turned in for 20 points, the bottom two labs were dropped. There was no homework and there were no participation points in this class.

Final Grade: 3.5

ISS 215: Every MSU student is required to take 2 ISS classes (I think that stands for Integrated Social Studies...or something like that), a 200 level and a 300 level class. Each class is on a different topic and you don't really know what you are going to get until you get to the class and find out the professor. My class was on Human Resource Management. We met twice a week for 2 hours each, totaling as a 4 credit class. We had 3 tests and a final all multiple choice, and 1 essay. This class was graded on a curve!

Final Grade: 3.5

HB 100: My Introduction to Hospitality Business class, we met in this class once a week for 2 hours, totaling as a 2 credit class. Every week we were given a 25 question test online on the information taught in class. The powerpoint for the class was posted online and it had all the answers so it was really easy to look at that while taking the test. But there was a 15 min time limit so you had to sorta know the information. The lowest score was dropped, totaling 700 points and then there was a 300 point final.

Final Grade: 4.0

So in the end I had 15 credits and a GPA of 3.6

Live + Laugh + Love= College

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Tim said...

Not bad, dear cousin, not bad. A 3.6/15 is a great start to what I'm sure will be a wonderful college career!

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