Monday, February 05, 2007


Sunday night during the superbowl I was told by one of my friends that Bethel Park was to have a 2 hour delay monday morning! YAY! I was very excited

Monday morning I get up at 8, look at the TV...find that every channel is on the C' I go online and look up school delays/closings.....Bethel Park - Closed YAY!!!!!!!

Monday afternoon my dad calls to harass my about not going to school even though he had to go to work :-P Then he tells me that the news stations are starting to post closings and delays for tomorrow...Bethel Park - Closed YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Odd week...

I'm definitely loving the delays and closings...but it is very odd. And it is sort of screwing up my schedule. Though I won't complain.

I had a paper that was due today, now it is due tomorrow. Our entire class will be emailing our papers to her for fear that she will count them as late if we don't turn them in.

I had a History test on Wednesday...because of todays delay it would have been on it is scheduled for Friday.

I was going to have a french test last wednesday...but my teacher wasn't in school on Tuesday-Thursday so it got changed to monday...then Wednesday.

I had Musical practice today which has been canceled, and I had an FBLA meeting Tuesday which has been canceled.

I'm kind of hoping that we are not Canceled on Wednesday though because that would really screw things up.

Loving Everyone Always Forever


Tim said...

Nah. Wednesday's supposed to be just "seasonably cold," as compared to "frigid," with highs in the upper teens.

Tim said...

Oh, and it shortens your Easter break to just three days. Which kind of sucks.

Lexi Elizabeth said...

our easter break is in april, so it doesn't matter 'cause our band trip is in april too! :-P....sorry laurel.

but it hasn't messed up my schedule. i still don't have all of my homework done.

Tim said...

+--- Naw, I thought Easter break was in August... LOL.

Tim said...

Update: And now you've got a two-hour delay on Wednesday already in place. A very weird week indeed.