Thursday, August 04, 2005

First Episode of the Saga of "Darkness and the Elevator"

This is the First Episode of the Saga "Darkness and the Elevator". This sitcom was inspired by a blog post entitled "Darkness, and the Elevator", which had nothing to do with a sitcom.

Are you there? Hello? Oh My Gosh is anyone there?, Alianna lay on her bed twitching and screaming. Her roommate, Julia, stood over her shaking Alianna's arm and yelling her name, but Alianna couldn't feel her arm being squeezed, and she couldn't hear her name being called, and in her nightmarish state she could see nothing. She was in complete darkness, she felt like the mime in the box. Feeling her way around. She could hear noises around her, almost as if she was surrounded by other people all in the box trying to get out, or perhaps all outside the box trying to get in, or both. The noise sounded like muttering voices. "Ghosts?" Alianna wondered aloud. Then thinking herself crazy reminded herself that she didn't care what it was as long as she left and never returned. The clock read 10:15 when Alianna finally awoke. Her eyes snapped wide open and her breathing was heavy. She looked over at Julia. Julia looked scared she had fear etched on her face, she was panic striken. Alianna sat up cautiously looked all around her and muttered under her breath "It was in the elevator. It was in the elevator." Julia came closer to Alianna's bed and sat on the floor.

"What was in the elevator?" she whispered.
Alianna looked at her as if only then realizing she was there, "Uh," she said, not fully sure what had happened she pushed away her momentary fear. "Nothing, it was just a bad dream I just had." After that Alianna refused to answer anymore questions but she sat muttering to herself all day.
Julia was worried about her friend, she knew Alianna's history with weird dreams. Alianna had a rather odd habit of dreaming things that later came true exactly as she had dreamed them. She had dreamed of her friends breaking up with their dates, or her friends getting dumped. Even weird things like what people would say at certain times, or what she would be wearing on certain occasions. She knew her fate in complicated situations, and that was scary. Julia thought, "This 'dream' could turn into much more, and if I know Alianna it will turn into more." Julia was left to her thoughts as she headed off to work where she and Alianna would have to put the dream off their minds as they filled orders at DQ.

Luv ya all!


Miles C. said...

I can't believe you're actually writing this...

TJ said...

Yay! I told her to write it!!

TJ said...

Loved the DQ plug!

The DQ/Orange Julius at Prime Outlets Grove City is run by my uncle Steve (not the one on the same side as Laurel).

My aunt Lisa also runs the Dairy Queen on West Main Street in Grove City proper.

Stop by and say, "Hi," if you get a chance!

Lexi Elizabeth said...

wow, creepy! haha. i agree with jay, i can't believe your writing this.