Sunday, December 28, 2008


Many of you, I am sure, have been watching my 2008 coffee count grow and grow...up until October...

May I assure you that the abrupt stop in the count has nothing to do with my lack of drinking coffee...quite the contrary actually. I have gone to get coffee 2-3 times a week since sometime at the end of October and I completely lost count. Thus my count ended. I have decided that I will take an average of the months that I know are accurate (the precollege months) and then in 2009 I will begin a new count, I am hoping that I will be more accurate from now on. Then I can compare the amount of coffee i drank precollege and during college.

My average cups of coffee per month, (precollege) is: 9.125

My most popular drinks in 2008 were the caramel macchiato and the white chocolate mocha I had 17 of each drink out of 73 total drinks in the 8 months.

It may seem as if I am addicted...and that may be. But since I have been home for Christmas break I have majorly cut down on my coffee intake from when I'm at college.

I think my main reasons for drinking coffee are (in this order), it is something fun to do with friends, its yummy, and it is a good source of caffeine.


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Tim Parenti said...

Sorry, I'm so behind on reading blogs, but this is where Google Reader tells me I left off.

Nine cups of coffee per month is not an addiction. Habit? Maybe. But not an addiction.

I know plenty of people who simply can't go without X for 24 hours, be it coffee, a cigarette, or any number of other things. That, my friend, is an addiction.