Saturday, February 14, 2009

Whats up

Does anyone even read this anymore? I haven't posted since the middle of my Christmas Break!

So, I'm sure you are all wondering what i'm up to. Lets see...what has happened since I last posted.

I'm 19 now!!! YAY ME! My birthday was pretty fun, but it was on a Monday, so there really wasn't too much celebrating because as everyone knows Mondays are awful.

My class schedule isn't too bad this semester, it is more demanding than last semester because all of my classes have mandatory attendance and I have an 8am class 2 days a week and an 8:30am class 2 days a week, but I'm managing.

Rose, my roommate, goes home almost every weekend which leaves me very lonely but it does provide lots of time for me to catch up on work and to even get ahead on some work.

This weekend, for example, I have gotten loads of work done! I finished all 10 hours of my work this week on Friday instead of my normal doing it all on Saturday and Sunday. I finished and submitted my homework for my BUS 102 class which is due on Tuesday. I had to complete two informational interviews with people in a field I would be interested in and then I had to complete a one-page reflection on each of these and then submit them online.

I have almost finished my essay for my WRA class which is due on Wednesday. I have a rough draft and I have been making my way through it adding details and perfecting it. I plan to have that done tonight so I can email it to my teacher for one last look-over before I have to submit the final copy. At the moment I am working on an assignment for my HB 265 class in which I have to write a report on 4 restaurant inspection results. This assignment is due March 5th but its something that is fairly easy and the writing doesn't need to be as perfect as in my WRA class because my HB 265 teacher has English as her second language and her grammar is far from perfect. So, though it is due ages from now, I'm doing this to give me a break from my other work while I am still accomplishing things.

I have an Economics test on Tuesday which I need to study for, but I have yet to do that. I will probably start studying for that tonight and then on Sunday I will do most of that studying.

Anyways, I have been keeping very busy. I have Greek Week coming up soon. A week from today is Relay for Life!!

The good thing about college, I'm never legitimately bored. I always have things I can and should be doing.

Anyways, I just thought I would give a quick update, forgive any spelling or grammar errors, I typed this very quickly.


Sunday, January 04, 2009


The year 2008 has ended and a new, even better, year has begun. So around New Years Eve I was trying to come up with some great way to bring in the New Year! And after some thinking I finally came up with the perfect idea. I'll get the flu!!! Oh wasn't my idea...that just happened on its own.

On New Years Eve I got the flu. I had to call off work for the next two days. I worked at South Philly Steaks and Fries for 1.5 years and then over this break and these were the first two days I ever called off. It was completely necessary too, I didn't check my temperature until I had been resting all day on Thursday, and at that point my fever was 102 degrees. So it was pretty bad. I pretty much lay in bed or on the couch without moving. Sometimes my phone would ring and i would just stare at it for several minutes before picking it up to see who had texted me.

But now, 4th day into the year, all I have is a cold. I told my family that I'm just hoping that my body decided to get all my sickness out at the beginning of the year so I don't have to bother later on. :-)

Lets have a Great Year!

Monday, December 29, 2008


So last night I was feeling really productive and I decided to get lots of things done. I'm kind of getting into a "i'm going to school soon and thus need to get everything done" type of mood.

So I went online and found all the books I was going to need for my classes. I then went and found the cheapest site to buy them from and I bought all of my books. They will be shipped to my house around January 2nd.

I then went on the Kappa Delta magazine fundraiser site and bought the TV guide renewal for my mom and a wedding planner magazine for Rose and I. (Not because either of us are getting married, but because we are considering wedding planning as a career.) That fulfilled my requirement for the amount of money I needed to raise. I then began to fill out my application to be a SET leader in Kappa Delta, that is someone who helps to run and organize all new member activities for the incoming pledge class. I need to turn in the application by January 5th, I only have to answer 2 more questions and then I can send that in.

I sent some emails to the people in charge of different events for the Hospitality Association at MSU and in the emails I offered my time as a volunteer to each of the events. As I was sending emails I also went through and deleted a lot that were no longer necessary for me to keep. Yay for organization!

I also went and did laundry, we had a pile that was about as tall as me all of dirty laundry in the I did my part...and I still am, doing lots of laundry. In two weeks I'll be leaving and i'll need to take all my laundry with me, preferably clean.

Today I made a haircut appointment!!! YAY!!! I love getting my haircut, I'm thinking about getting lots of layers and a sweeping bang. I'm not sure though, but my haircut is at 4 so we'll see!

Today wasn't all that exciting, I took mom to work, the little girlies and I went out to lunch and then Leah and I took Steph to the orthodontist and I read New Moon while we waited.

I don't know if anyone is interested in all of this haha. But I felt good about getting so much done and I wanted to tell someone about it!


Sunday, December 28, 2008

Semester One Finished

Semester One of my college career is officially over. Everyone has left for Christmas Break, finals were taken, books were sold, and now the grades are in. (Though I've known my grades for a few weeks so this post is a little late in coming)

But now I will give y'all a run down.

I took 5 classes, (as you may or may not recall),

BUS 101: My business seminar that was required through the Broad Freshman Program. This class was once a week for one hour totaling one credit. My class was very easy, we mostly had speakers come in and talk to us. The class was a total of 100 points with no final.

Final Grade: 4.0

FRN 201: My second level French class, which I took for my own amusement and my love of the language :-) though now I am planning on using this as part of an international specialization, which will add one more thing to separate myself from others on my resume. This class met 4 times a week for an hour, totaling as a 4 credit class. In this class we took 5 tests, the lowest score was dropped, we had a paper, an oral presentation, and a final. Participation also counted in this class. I think that participation is the only thing that kept me from receiving a 4.0. But honestly I am barely good at English in the morning, let alone French!

Final Grade: 3.5

STT 201: My Statistics class...the only math class I will have to take in college! This class met 4 times a week for an hour and 3 of the days and 2 hours on 1 day, totaling as a 4 credit class. We took 3 exams and a final, plus we had a lab every week that we turned in for 20 points, the bottom two labs were dropped. There was no homework and there were no participation points in this class.

Final Grade: 3.5

ISS 215: Every MSU student is required to take 2 ISS classes (I think that stands for Integrated Social Studies...or something like that), a 200 level and a 300 level class. Each class is on a different topic and you don't really know what you are going to get until you get to the class and find out the professor. My class was on Human Resource Management. We met twice a week for 2 hours each, totaling as a 4 credit class. We had 3 tests and a final all multiple choice, and 1 essay. This class was graded on a curve!

Final Grade: 3.5

HB 100: My Introduction to Hospitality Business class, we met in this class once a week for 2 hours, totaling as a 2 credit class. Every week we were given a 25 question test online on the information taught in class. The powerpoint for the class was posted online and it had all the answers so it was really easy to look at that while taking the test. But there was a 15 min time limit so you had to sorta know the information. The lowest score was dropped, totaling 700 points and then there was a 300 point final.

Final Grade: 4.0

So in the end I had 15 credits and a GPA of 3.6

Live + Laugh + Love= College


Many of you, I am sure, have been watching my 2008 coffee count grow and grow...up until October...

May I assure you that the abrupt stop in the count has nothing to do with my lack of drinking coffee...quite the contrary actually. I have gone to get coffee 2-3 times a week since sometime at the end of October and I completely lost count. Thus my count ended. I have decided that I will take an average of the months that I know are accurate (the precollege months) and then in 2009 I will begin a new count, I am hoping that I will be more accurate from now on. Then I can compare the amount of coffee i drank precollege and during college.

My average cups of coffee per month, (precollege) is: 9.125

My most popular drinks in 2008 were the caramel macchiato and the white chocolate mocha I had 17 of each drink out of 73 total drinks in the 8 months.

It may seem as if I am addicted...and that may be. But since I have been home for Christmas break I have majorly cut down on my coffee intake from when I'm at college.

I think my main reasons for drinking coffee are (in this order), it is something fun to do with friends, its yummy, and it is a good source of caffeine.