Tuesday, February 13, 2007

My Birthday

I'm 17 now, I've been 17 for a few days technically. But do you really expect me to drop all celebrations to write a post on my actual birthday. Anyways, I'm sure everyone is curious as to how my birthday went. So I'll give you the play-by-play...except not that indepth.

Friday morning I got up, got ready to go to school, and I put on my tiara. It was my day to be a princess. I was excited, I got to school and was greeted by my friends hugging me and wishing me happy birthday. Even people that really hadn't known that it was my birthday were clued in by the tiara.

After school my dad picked me up and we went to pick up Chris, then we picked up my step-mom and we went to my grandparents house. They gave me gifts and my dad gave Chris a present too. After that we went to Dave and Busters which is an older version of Chuckie Cheese. We played games and had dinner there. I was the reigning champ of any of the racing games and of course Chris won anything that involved shooting.

Then the night was over so we went home and when I got home I realized...people were going to be at my house the next day for a party and my room was not clean. So for the rest of my birthday I cleaned...I know that sounds so excited. It was the highlight of my day *rolls eyes* NOT. But it wasn't too bad, and it needed to be done.

Then it was Saturday, technically not my birthday, but hey people were still saying happy birthday and we were having a party so I put my tiara on again. My mom picked up Tim and then a bit later we picked up Andrea and the three of us waited for people to arrive. We hung out up in my room since it was clean enough for me to show people. Chris came and we ran downstairs to see him, and then we all went back to my room to continue looking through my yearbook and anything else I had out. We went back down when other people started to arrive.

All in all here is the attendance list:

Grandma Baxter
Grandpa Baxter
Grandma DeJohn
Aunt Jana
Uncle Richard
Aunt Sue
Uncle Bill
Aunt Bev
Uncle Mike

It was a fun party. My mom made me a cookie cake, which was delicious, and everyone gave me lots of wonderful presents. But really it was just wonderful seeing everyone because I don't normally see all those people.

As the party wound down I opened up a puzzle that I got as a present and we started to work on it. Soon everyone had left except Chris. But I didn't want him to go so he stayed for a while and helped with the puzzle. Then his dad came to pick him up and I came over too. We hung out, did a smaller puzzle at his house and watched TV a bit. Then it was time for me to come home so Chris drove me home.

Overall I had a wonderful birthday. I don't feel particularly different, but I still had lots of fun. Thanks to anyone that helped make my birthday amazing!

Loving Everyone Always Forever


J-RAD said...

happy belated birthday!

Tim Parenti said...

You're welcome. Happy BIRTHDAY again, Laurel...

Lexi Elizabeth said...

that sounds like a fun fun fun birthday.

Tim Parenti said...

We didn't even hear the doorbell, and you didn't run downstairs until I looked out the window and yelled that there was someone at the door...

Laurel said...

Haha, well that may be true, but I would have run down if I had known he was there, and I was excited when he came...so it's almost the same thing :-P