Friday, June 09, 2006

Spam Commemoration

Today is International Spam Remembrance Day © .

To those that are fans of anti-spam companies:

Today is the day to Remember how wonderful anti-spam is, having the ability to delete, kill, and prosecute spam by clicking a button. The ability to remove Spam and save your computer, and modern communication as we know it. Celebrate this day, and Rejoice your computers anti-spam!

To those that enjoy or create spam:

Today is a day of sorrow, Remembering all of the Spam that escaped your fingertips and was deleted, killed, prosecuted by the evil anti-spam companies. If you will, take a moment of silence, let your tears fall freely, as you recall all of the computer killing spam that was created and shot down by Norton and his friends.

Now to Properly commemorate International Spam Remembrance Day © place the above in your blog along with anything that you would like to add!

Luv ya all!


Anonymous said...

So you're saying in that... if you hate spam, celebrate that its gone, if you like it, then mourn its death.

It sounds like you are unwilling to choose sides yourself...

They invade our computers, and we fall back. They clog entire servers, and we fall back. NO FURTHER! The line much be drawn HERE! This far, NO FARTHER!

Lexi Elizabeth said...

i LOVE you luarel. what started out as making me feel better has turned into an event celebrated by at least four people. haha. well, probably 3, since i doubt jay has any idea what's going on. haha.
sorry i couldn't come to kennywood. my mom didn't feel like going. :( but i bought 5 more tickets for myself. which means i have to go a lot. and you can come with me. well, more like you HAVE to, cause i'm forcing you.

oh, and i have that great pic of us on my myspace now.

Laurel said...

Oh sure, tell me you love me and then spell my name wrong! lol
Luv ya all!

Tim Parenti said...

It's okay, Luarel. I think your new spelling is cute.

Happy SRD!

Lexi Elizabeth said...

aww. i'm sorry. i'm not a very good typed...i'm reallly really sorry laurel. really really relaly really rlealy reallyr's hard to type raelly in a row like that...srrry.

forgive me?

Tim Parenti said...

Whoa... that's some bad typing if I've ever seen it (j/t)...

Yay! Happy SRD...

My stupid computer kicked me off last night before I got a chance to post to my own blog about SRD. So now I'm mad, because I missed my cousin's holiday, and it's not my fault!

Nevertheless, I will post about SRD eventually; the timing was just horrible for me. I mean, come on, celebrating a holiday the day after your graduation? That's pretty hard. You can rest assured I will post, though!