Monday, January 02, 2006

Christmas Break in Cleveland!

Being a Steelers fan in Cleveland isn't normally a pleasant experience, but since the Steelers won, and since the people I was staying with (my moms cousin Jeff, his wife Wendy, and their son Logan who turned one on New Years Eve) it was fun. I went to stay with Jeff, Wendy, and Logan to from Monday Evening to Friday Afternoon; to help them to watch Logan and pack to move to Pittsburgh in a week. Over the week we had lots of fun, we filled 60 boxes, and Logan was/is so cute. Jeff and I played some racing Playstation games which I was very bad at, although I did get a bit better, and we made up a game that is sort of like volleyball and tennis and pingpong all mixed together with no boundaries, hehehe, it was fun and very interesting. They have three cats that were very fun, Boo, Morpheus, and Hid-de (pronounced Heidi) Logan would just come up to the cats and grab their fur and then just collapse on them and pull their fur out and they wouldn't care it was amazing.
Another really great thing about this trip is that Wendy loves to dye her hair many different colors, normall and out-of-the-ordinary colors. So when I expressed my interest in dying my hair Red we went out and bought hair dye and on Friday Morning we dyed my hair. I love it! Its a natural red that suits me well I think, and my family loves it so its all good. So that was my Christmas Break in Cleveland!

Luv ya all!

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TJ said...

Yes, the hair color looks very nice on you...

nokzoee (that's a weird one)