Monday, August 13, 2007

Top 3

So I visited my top 3 colleges and I finally have them in an order. That was a very exciting thing for me. I was quite worried that I would visit all three and still have no idea.

So my number one college is....drum roll please....

Michigan State University.

I loved the campus, it is gorgeous there. It is very far away, the farthest of the three schools. It takes about 6 hours to get there. This school had the nicest program because it is in the business college instead of like human relations. So I loved that. Plus there are four events run by students in this major. The events are an auction, vegas night, les gourmets- a 7 course banquet, and a career expo. Freshman and sophomores can volunteer to help at these events and junior year you can be on the executive board and senior year you can be the executive director. Since I think I want to be in event planning it would be great to help plan these events. So those are some of the reasons I love MSU.

My second choice is:

Pennsylvania State University

The campus here is beautiful as well but it is not as wonderful as Michigan State. The main problem here is that their hospitality program is not in the business department. Its in Human Ecology. I don't like this. It makes me unhappy because I think it should be in business.

My third choice is:

Ohio State University

No offense to anyone that has attended, plans on attending or just loves OSU...but I did not like it at all. The campus was mediocre in comparison. And as I later found out OSU's Hospitality program is not even in the top 20 programs. It is also not in the business section. They have no study abroad for Hospitality like the other schools do. The program is just okay.

I know that is a very short post explaining why I chose each college. I certainly have many more reasons why I loved MSU and PSU and why OSU was blah in comparison. If anyone has any specific questions they can ask and I will answer.

Loving Everyone Always Forever


Tim said...

Yay! You have an ordered shortlist! Applications by Thanksgiving, financial aid apps in by Valentine's Day, and you could be a registered student by Easter.

At least, that's what my high school guidance counselor always told us...

Beverly Cwalina said...

That sounds great, Laurel! I like that you have concrete reasons for loving MSU. I know you will do well, and I want to come to visit!