Sunday, February 18, 2007

Mississippi Mission 2

Today is Sunday, February 18th. In 6 days it will be Saturday February 24th. That is a very important day for me. As many of you already know, last year a group of people from my church went down to the Mississippi coast to help rebuild the area after the terrible destruction that was left behind after Hurricane Katrina.

That whole experience was simply incredible.

This year another group from my church is going back down to Mississippi. Anyone surprised? It has been way over a year since the Hurricane hit, and yet, there is still a lot of rebuilding left to be done. So, on February 24th a group of 16 people from Christ Community Church of the South Hills are traveling down to Mississippi to spend a week building houses for people in real need. These people have suffered greatly and they need our help.

The names of the 16 people going on the trip:

Dave Bateman, George Bennett, Paige Bongiorno, Gabrielle Bovard, Glenn Brooks, Marlaena Cochran, Barb DeJohn, Ginny DeSantis, Anna and Ryan Duchene, Tadd Laughlin, Breanna Lantz, Sue Puhala, Chanel Smit, Laurel Smith, Hannah Timm

I would like to simply ask everyone to pray for our team while we are down in Mississippi. Pray for our safety, pray that we can help people, pray that our work glorifies God. Please Pray!

We come home from our trip on March 3rd. After that I will be posting about our trip, giving you as many details as possible. If anyone cares to revisit the posts about last years trip here is the link.

I would like to thank everyone for their prayers and support!



Tim said...

Good luck. Have a safe trip, and I'll probably talk to you after break (12 March), depending on how things go with tournament band. 'Cause dial-up sucks.

sp said...

ready to go?! 12 hours and counting!

Miles C. said...

Good luck laurel.